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No. 8: The point of femininity

Updated: May 10, 2018

At last, the dresses you have been waiting for. For faultless style and impeccable taste you can now buy your frocks from Gamine. The first garment in the collection is this fifties-inspired shirt-waister for the twenty-first century working girl. Its timeless appeal, however, makes it appropriate daywear for any century you should choose to wear it in.

In my design I am hoping to give the pointy-breast shape a comeback, a shape which I believe is a powerful statement of strength in sexuality for the intelligent feminine woman. It is a form that was discarded by feminists when they burnt their bras, but decades later we now know this was a foolish mistake. Feminism is about to be usurped by femininity, instigated, it looks like, by me. I am the first, I believe, to build the shape of the bosom in from the sleeve as well as the yoke and front panels - a complicated pattern that took experts over a thousand toiles to perfect.

The print of the fabric is also designed and hand printed by Gamine; it is of a mountainous musical landscape, inspired by my recent trip into the mountains around Mont Blanc. You too can experience the feminine fit of Gamine couture, in refreshing mountain colours, in made to measure or made-up sizes, for the negotiable fee of ten thousand pounds.

For any serious offers contact Gamine immediately, for emergencies contact Gamine 24 hours at and enjoy!


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