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about gamine

Gamine: an introduction
Gamine have been winning over the hearts and minds of stylish and intelligent pop fans the world over for a while now. Their live shows have even been known to make grown men and women cry. 
Gamine released their first album, 'Sabotage' in 2003 in the UK (and in parts of Europe early in 2006), and their second album, 'You Can Cry (And Other Lullabies)' in 2010 (in Japan in 2012). Two pop singles are also still available in limited quantities - all on the Slaughterback label.
Gamine: a manifesto
the personnel
Claudia sings and writes lyrics, Ian composes and produces.
the music
Melodies, tunes, choruses, romantic, lush, unsettling, unpredictable, classically European...but especially melodies.
the words
Poetry, melodrama, love, death, storytelling.
the image
Miss Claudia B., the reintroduction of glamour into modern popular music, stylish 60's films starring Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly.
the concerts
A piano (preferably grand), a microphone, a spotlight, tears...
the album
Every song a classic.
the philosophy
Gamine are intelligent super-beings; they have doctorates in Economics, Marketing, Politics, Art, Literature, Culture, History, Religion, Philosophy, Music (but not Sociology) and they speak seventy-two languages. They want to entertain, but with style and substance. Caring, sharing, humanist, socialist, spiritual and nice.
the conclusion
Elitism for the Masses!
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