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No. 18: Happy Christmas

Updated: May 11, 2018

If only I was intelligent enough to be cynical about Christmas. Instead, every year I am lured into the festivities by the smell of cooked alcohol, the mysterious lighting and the handsome, moustachioed wassailers.

Gamine, however, fundamentally lacks Christianity as one of its influences. I cannot remember broaching this subject before and I am sure you would all like to know our religious inclination. Well, I am basically an animist who proselytises mystical existentialism. Ian claims he is a Marxist and therefore is an atheist; however, I believe he is more of a gnostic agnostic who embraces positive nihilism. When it comes to Christmas, though, we are both partial to a bit of paganism. Once Gamine is properly established as a religion rather then a cult we shall write our doctrine and all these obscurities will be clarified into a beautifully unified practical idealism. In the meantime, do not be ashamed if you are found full of figgy pudding, dancing around a tree, practising only a bit of Gamine fundamentalism after lunch. We will tone up your spirituality in the New Year. The next performance we give will be all about forgiveness, and with the addition a few new songs there is always the possibility of the odd transcendent experience.

Much merriness to all you angelic people, you deserve it after all the morose performances you have attended. I send you the only gift I have, unreserved love,



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